Ravenshead Newsletter
Established 23 October 1970

Should you wish to advertise in the Ravenshead Newsletter, please email:


There is a minimum of three consecutive insertions.

We provide free lineage to Ravenshead villagers for 'Wanted' and 'For Sale' items. Advertising for village events for non-commercial village groups are included free.

Ravenshead Newsletter has 24 printed pages of colour and 24 printed pages of black and white. The online version is all colour.

3,000 copies are distributed to each home in Ravenshead, High Leys Drive (old Newstead Hospital site) and Harlow Wood on the final Wednesday of each month, apart from December.

In addition there are various drop off points around the village here:

1) Rose's Pantry - Milton Court Shops

2) Ravenshead Library - Milton Court Shops

3) Ravenshead Post Office - Milton Court Shops

4) Ravenshead Farm Shop Coffee Shop - Main Road

5) Kighill Service Station - Kighill Lane/Longdale Lane

6) St Peter's Church - Sheepwalk Lane

7) The Centre at St Peter's - Sheepwalk Lane

8) Newstead Abbey main entrance - Nottingham Road

9) Ravenshead Leisure Centre - Longdale Lane